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Choosing the Storm® or Windstorm™ Whistle


   In 1998 the Storm whistle was invented, creating the loudest whistle in the world. The sharp square body of the whistle became the perfect sounding chamber to focus and amplify the sound of the whistle. In addition, the size of the Storm whistle was adjusted so that it was tuned to the exact 3150 Hz. This 3150 Hz tone is recommended by the U.S. Government as the optimum tone to be heard over crowds, machinery or through glass. In addition to being easy to hold and easy to blow the Storm whistle is completely waterproof, even able to blow underwater.
     Numerous individuals however demanded a smaller version of the storm whistle that was more compact,smoother for tight pockets and easier to fit into the hands of small children. The Windstorm was created. Slightly less powerful than the Storm whistle, the Windstorm whistle is the Second loudest whistle in the world only surpassed by the original Storm. The Windstorm emits a focused tone of 3150 Hz and is also totally waterproof.
     All of us at the all Weather Whistle Company suggest the Storm whistle for adults and Windstorm whistle for young children under 10. If you have any specific questions concerning the Storm and Windstorm whistle email us at stormwhistles@stormwhistles.com.